Life Transitions

Are you in the midst of a life phase change and struggling with the complexities of saying goodbye to one season and moving into another? Do you feel caught between the "now and the not yet?" Do you sometimes feel that others want you to "focus on the positive" so you can't express sadness about what you're leaving behind or your fears of the unknown future? I don't want you to be alone with those feelings anymore.

While some life transitions can be exciting, often they come with trepidations and a large mix of emotions. I will help you explore the full spectrum of feelings that come with life phase changes. By exploring and processing these emotions you'll become more present to yourself and those who are with you on the journey. You'll be able to "leave well" and enter whatever comes next with open hands, open heart, and open mind.

Not all transitions are exciting or expected, though. Perhaps a big change has come out of the blue and you're feeling thrown off course. Have you've been laid off from a job you loved and need to find a new position quickly to make ends meet? Or maybe you're going through a divorce and are having trouble navigating the emotional haze. Perhaps an aging parent needs you to relocate in order to take care of them? Or maybe you've been diagnosed with a condition that will require you to make major lifestyle changes. Whatever unexpected transition you're facing, I can help you sort through your feelings and cope with the overwhelm you're experiencing. Using a variety of therapeutic tools we will collaborate on helping you stay centered in your authentic self as you make important decisions for yourself and those you love.

"Always we begin again." (Benedict)

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

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