Grief & Loss

Have you lost a loved one and need a safe, non-judgmental place to process your pain? Perhaps family and friends have expressed concern that you're not "over it" yet? (Maybe you share those concerns?) Or have you lost a pet, a relationship, a job, your faith, or something else you hold dear but no one seems to understand the depth of your feelings? It's also possible that grief may arise during therapy for other issues; some clients are surprised to realize how much grief has been buried for a long time.

Whether grief is what brings you to therapy or if it emerges as we work on other concerns, I will bear witness to and hold space for your grief and all of the emotions that come with it. Often there are complex feelings to sort through and our grief-avoidant culture does not provide many places where the full spectrum of emotions can be expressed and explored.

You won't hear platitudes or false promises from me, nor efforts to cheer you up. I will meet you right where you are and help you take care of yourself as you move at your own pace along the winding path of grief. I'll help you explore what is and isn't helping you and then coach you on how to communicate your needs and set boundaries with well-meaning others who are sometimes clueless about what to do or say to help you in your pain.

You may have heard about the so-called "stages of grief" and wondered how long it will take to go through them or why you're not moving through them fast enough. While there might be some common experiences shared by those in grief, I have learned both personally and professionally that grief work is not a linear process involving stages. Thus, with kindness, compassion, and curiosity, I will come alongside you on your unique grief journey, without any expectations that you will follow a prescribed path.

As your journey unfolds, we'll explore how grief is an extension of love and how sorrow and joy can be held at the same time. It will be a privilege to hold space for you as you process all of these things and more.

"Pain and joy can comfortably sit alongside one another; it is only the world that tells us we must 'get over the pain' to feel happiness. Every emotion can flow simultaneously, and by allowing them to dwell in the same space, we are truly embracing life."  (Zoe Clark-Coates)

I hold a Certificate in Professional Grief Care through psychotherapist and grief advocate, Megan Devine, author of It's OK That You're Not OK and How to Carry What Can't Be Fixed.

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